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The Shadow Curse: Book One

For decades, a curse has plagued the great lands of Altana. Beasts of shadows, dust, and blood swallow up every kingdom until even Therilea falls one fateful night when the full moon lights up the carnage for the gods to behold.
With her father’s foresight, Therilea’s crown princess Ara Zypherus escapes with the king’s most trusted commander, Raethin Corvus. Even as they hastily avoid death, their escape leads them to the Rakevan Forest, a blessed, labyrinthine woods with a mind of its own.
As Ara discovers the dying world outside of her kingdom, she must reconcile with loss, destiny, and the truth of the hidden mysteries of her gods.
Ara must decide: will she accept her destiny that the gods gave her, or will she deny the gods their games and forge her own fate?

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September 2020 Author Update

So with the new website, I (of course) feel compelled to fill it with content. And given that The Ruined Throne is almost 2 months away from being released, I wanted to give every little lurker who stumbles over my website a little author update! I’ve almost finished the draft of The Ruined Throne. Afterward, I’ll […]

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