Kala Merseal

Fantasy Author

Kala Merseal is a fantasy author and loves writing about fantastical worlds, deep mythologies, epic adventures, and star-crossed love. She lives in Southeast Missouri with her husband and three furbabies.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How often do you release novels?

    Every 3-5 months, depending on the length and what’s going on personally. 

  • Where can I find your books?

    Exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited at the moment. I will eventually sell signed paperbacks on my website, though!

  • Can I become an ARC reviewer?

    Yes! Just click here and follow the directions! 

  • Are there any backstories of The Shadow Curse characters that will be released?

    Yes! Currently, I’m working on shorts for Zira and Cirith, as well as the prequel for Aescion. The short stories will be released with the rest of the series and the prequel will release in 2022.

  • When will the Serpent of Civel series release?

    This series, which is an Urban Fantasy set in the future of The Shadow Curse’s world, will release in late 2022. 

  • When will The Hunted Dualogy release?

    The Hunted Dualogy is a two-novel series that precedes an urban fantasy trilogy. The dualogy will release in late 2021.


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