Goodbye, 2020! Let’s just hope this new year turns out better than the last.

Also, welcome to the updated website! I’ve made it simplistic and monochrome purple at the moment, because why the hell not? I don’t have too much stuff right now going on so it looks a little bare, but this will change over time of course.

I want to start the year with a bang but updating the site and announcing my planned (estimated) schedule for this new year, so check it out:

Schedule for 2021

January: For my birthday (1/16), The Shadow Curse will be free all weekend. I’ll announce it in my newsletter as well as on social media. By the end of January, I’ll be finishing the draft of The Forgotten Gate (Book 3).

February: I’ll be tying loose ends of The Forgotten Gate draft and sending it to my editor. Once I’m done with The Forgotten Gate and it’s off for edits, I’ll begin writing The Raven God.

March: I plan on releasing The Forgotten Gate earlier than the posted preorder release date sometime in mid to late March. By the end of this month, I should be finished with The Raven God and going through my self-edits before sending it to the editor. Since it’s a novella, it should only take me a month to finish its draft.

April: If I haven’t already finished The Raven God and sent to the editor then the beginning of this month will be doing that. But by now if I’m on schedule, I should be starting on the untitled novella, a retelling of Hades and Persephone set in Thraes.

May: By mid-May, I should be able to release The Raven God. I’ll be finishing the draft of the Hades/Persephone novella and going through my round of edits.

June through August: As soon as I’m done with the retelling, I’ll be starting on The Dark Realm (Book 4). It’ll take me two or so months to write a full-length novel and sometime around July, I should be able to release the retelling once I get it back from the edits.

September to October: As soon as I finish The Dark Realm, I’ll be sending it off to the editor. Sometime between Mid-September to late October, I’ll be releasing The Dark Realm. As soon as I’ve finished writing and editing Book 4, I’ll start on Book 5.

November to December: I may slow down a little bit in drafting as I work on the conclusion of the series, but by December I should have the draft finished and working on edits. I want to release the last book by late January 2022. If I can manage to publish it by December, then I will, but I will know for certain if that’s possible by August.

Three Cheers for the New Year

I’m so excited to fly through these projects this year. As I continue in this journey, I’ve discovered that I can do so much more than when I began.

As for my blog, I’ll be sending out month updates at the beginning of the month like this, just detailing what I’ve been up to. I would love to be able to post interviews, virtual events, reviews, and other kinds of blog posts this year but I haven’t quite figured out what I’ll end up doing with it.

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I’ve got a freebie for download upon signup. It’s a collection of bonus chapters that will be updated as I have more bonus content to add!

This year, I’ll be sending out newsletters two-four times a month. Twice will be on the second and four week of the month, which entails ongoing and upcoming sales, giveaways, and other promotions that I’m participating in, as well as featured spotlights for authors and novels. When I have updates, I’ll send out another one with that update! This includes new release alerts, when my books go on sale, or when I have new exclusive content for you all to eat up!

I look forward to making this year better than the last!