The Guardians of Altana

The Shadow Curse

(The Guardians of Altana #1)

A dark entity wants her soul.

When demons attack her kingdom, elven princess Ara Zypherus is forced to flee her palace with a band of her father’s most trusted soldiers. In that one night, she loses everything she loves.

All that remains of her previous life is her father’s commander, Raethin Corvus. Handsome but irritating, Ara must figure out a way to get along with Raethin, or risk losing the last thing she has—her life.

To escape the demonic scourge that hunts them, Ara and Raethin venture into the Rakevan Forest to find the legendary druids and their guardian. With their help, they may just survive.

As truths are revealed, Ara discovers that she plays a central role to the battle against the chaotic being known as the Void King. The gods have meddled far too long in the mortal’s affairs, and together with Raethin and their companions, Ara must find a way to stop the Void King before he tears the realms apart.

The Ruined Throne

(The Guardians of Altana #2)

The demon is more than he appears.

Kidnapped by the dark god’s champion, elven princess Ara Zypherus is held prisoner in the remains of her ex-fiancé’s palace. The demon leader seems to know quite a bit about the long-dead crown prince of Waetherea, and Ara slowly breaks as he unravels the lies told to her.

When commander Raethin Corvus gasps back to life, he learns that his princess is gone—and the deity to whom he gave his soul is ready to take action to save the realms. Together with the Rakevan guardian and a strange elven priestess, Raethin hunts after Ara and the Void King’s champion. Time is running out, and if he doesn’t stop the demon before he kills Ara, then the Void King will consume all life.

The Forgotten Gate

(The Guardians of Altana #3)

Ara must face her destiny.

Cirith returns to his home with an unconscious Ara in his arms and discovers the treachery of his goddess he swore to cherish and protect. Distraught, he seeks to reconcile with the earthen goddess, and is punished instead. Zira, the strange priestess he had fallen for so many years ago, saves him and he learns that her lies are the least of his worries.

As Ara heals from her wounds, both internally and externally, she discovers the new bond she made with the sun goddess has changed her. After returning from the City of sun, her commander Raethin is not the same either. Together, they discover their true selves, and realize the budding love they have for one another.

Together, Ara, Raethin, and their companions seek after the gates that bridge the realms. They must stop Aeskrius from opening the portals and unleashing his darkness to the rest of Thraes.

The Dark Realm

(The Guardians of Altana #4)

They must destroy the last gate—no matter the cost.

Separated after the destruction of the second gate, Ara, Raethin, Cirith, and Zira must find their way back to one another before Aeskrius can cut them down one by one.

The will of the primordial gods lead Raethin to Ara and together, they trek the vast Kava Sil landscape to find the rest of their team. With the help of the foreign guardian of the god of fire, Cirith and Zira regroup with the princess and her commander.

The final hours draw near as they race against the Void King’s champion to the final gate. The fate of Thraes depends on them to stop Aeskrius before he rips open the realms.

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Chosen as the vessel of a goddess and hunted for it, an orphaned girl loses everything in one night.

Abandoned by her family, Zira Viteva is raised by the priestesses of the Elisdran Temple. When she comes of age, the mages of the Athaerean cult test her, and discover that she is the avatar of a mysterious, aloof goddess.

For years, she seeks to unite with the goddess and fails. When the envoys from the main sect come one fateful day, Zira is set on the desolate path of her destiny.