The Hunted Duology

Taste of Revenge

(The Hunted Duology #1)

RELEASES 10/26/2021

He knows she’s hiding something, and will stop at nothing from revealing her secret.

Korina Black and her brother Ezra lost their parents five years ago, and have been hiding ever since. To the average human, Kori is just a high-school drop-out waitressing at their small town’s only diner, and Ezra is just a teenager.

But to those that go bump in the night, they’re sorcerers with a dark secret–one that their parents died to keep hidden.

When Isaac Eckoff shows up, something is off about this dark stranger. Kori quickly realizes he’s not a visitor passing through town, but someone looking to unearth the past.

Kori will do anything, even sacrifice herself, to protect her kid brother and her family’s secret.

Taste of Victory

(The Hunted Duology #2)

RELEASES 12/21/2021

Blurb Coming Soon.