epic romantic fantasy

Set in the fantastical world of Thraes, a dark god unleashes a curse among the continent of Altana, and creatures of shadow and bloodlust known as the Kaevari emerge from the carnage. Among these demons, a horned Kaevari known as the Void Champion rises to lead the hordes to conquer the elven and human kingdoms.
When the Void Champion marches upon Therilea one fateful night, the crown princess Ara Zypherus escapes through the palace’s catacombs with her father’s most trusted commander, Raethin Corvus, and their closest companions.
Their journey leads them into the Rakevan Forest, an expansive, labyrinthine woods and the home of the fabled druids. Ara and her companions stumble into these elusive children of the earthen goddess Rakeva and with the help of the Rakevan Guardian, she discovers the truth behind the demons and the dark god that wants to consume all life.
The Shadow Curse Series is an epic romantic fantasy series featuring slow-burn romances with elves, demons, deities, dragons, druids, and more!