The Westhaven Saga

Taste of Revenge

(A Westhaven Saga Standalone Novel)

RELEASES 10/26/2021

A psychotic vampire killed me for my secret.

A mysterious savior brought me back to life to return the favor.

For the five years since our parents’ deaths, my brother and I have hidden in plain sight among the humans. Born as sorcerers, we’re prized by the creatures of the night for our magical blood.

But my brother is…more–and my parents died protecting that secret.

Now, a psychotic vampire called Isaac hunts me and despite my best efforts, this is a battle I can’t win.

Fate has more planned for me when a strange, handsome benefactor swoops in to save me before my heart stops.

Despite my suspicions of the vampire, Dante Castro gives the powers I need to end Isaac’s life before he murders my brother.

Official Series Coming Soon